Our Hero Does It All..

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Regarding the Nov. 23rd show at the HOB in Anaheim..

I've seen many a Todd show.. not as many as some but I have a yearly dose and last night was a great culmination of all that is Todd.

Todd thank you for opening our hearts and minds to all that is and all that could be.

So many good things about last night ..even a broken string and a guitar crashing to the floor could not dampen the spirit of our illustrious ( thank god for spell check ) hero. He forged ever upward and sideways and all ways. I like his covers of Falling.. and Hide Your Love Away..plus Lunatic Fringe..I never liked that song..and Todd made it listenable..if there is such a word.

Plus Born To Synthesize ? Acoustic? It's sheer madness and possibly the best rendition I've ever heard.

Only thing I have a problem with and I know it's hard to refrain from doing is every now and then someone sings along with Todd.. or sings the parts that are on the record...but please please... I'm here to hear the artist perform. Mouth the words to let Todd know you are a fan and sing when he asks us to sing. But try to refrain from singing out loud and strong..or do I have to pay you not to sing?

The man in front of me sang note for note with Todd (in his own key) and well.. it was hard not to put a hand over his mouth. Plus he and his friends were smoking something not even close to marijuana...made me worry he would be irrational or something. Okay so that was my only beef..Todd was jovial after they got the sound right..and was of course throwing in the occasional Arnold comment.

I'm looking forward to the newest stuff and am glad to have seen Todd through to another year. You look great, you sound great and you are forever in my heart. That's my review..

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