Todd at The Canyon Club

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Let me first say it was good to see so many fellow TR fans in attendance Saturday night. Many that I haven't seen in a couple of years. Quite a community... The place was packed! At least 800+.. Totally cool.... An excellent audience.

This was a terrific show. I have seen TR many times over the past 26 years and in anticipation of the show Saturday, I was expecting perhaps a performance and set list that well...., just may have gotten a bit stale. It wasn't. TR was in terrific spirits and really enjoyed himself and the crowd. Lots of interaction, comedic diatribes, and it appeared a genuine contentness and pride in the material.

The set list read essentially the same as stated in previous reviews but I have to say I totally enjoyed hearing these classics again. There was a freshness to the evening, without any interruptions, technical problems, and dare I say mistakes.... Clean and even. The last song, 'A Dream Goes on Forever', wavered a bit but it was clear TR was tired at that point. Nothing lost. Lots of autographs and smiles. It was good to see him again. Two years was to long.....

As importantly, TR clearly stated that he will be back next year, "with a band...." How fierce is that!

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