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My great adventure started at 4:00 a.m. in Raleigh, NC, where I've lived for the last six years. I decided that I'd been working way too much and needed a mini-vacation, and the opportunity to see two Todd shows in Southern California with my old friend Ed seemed like just the ticket.

Ed picked me up at John Wayne airport, and after checking into my hotel, we proceeded to Ed's friends Cathy and Chris's house for some drinks and (delicious) hors d'oeuvres, then headed to the Canyon Dinner Theater for the show. It was a beautiful California evening, and the mood was pure elation.

The Theater was packed. We ordered dinner and more drinks while PJ Loughran, the opening act performed. Our dinners arrived at just about the time Todd came on. Needless to say, I barely touched my salmon. 

In my almost 30 years (my god, am I that old?) of seeing Todd shows, I can honestly say that I don't think I've ever seen him so on, so hot, so fabulous. His performance was affectionate, emotional, and absolutely flawless. His voice conveyed his pure love for his art and his audience, and that love-buzz was infectious. 

My adventure continued after the show. Ed had obtained backstage passes! This experience was a first for me. I've met Todd once, just this last summer, waiting outside of the Kalamazoo State Theater after the show, and he graciously signed the cover to my old Initiation album and accepted a hug. But I've never been backstage at any show ever, and my excitement grew as Ed handed me my pass. However, in my haste in packing, I had neglected to bring anything for Todd to sign, and when I mentioned this to Ed and Dan (Ed's friend from Seattle), they assured me that it was okay for me to ask him to sign my backstage pass, which was, at that point, affixed to (my top covering) my right bosom. "Do you mean I should ask him to sign it right here on my body?" I asked them, and they again assured me that I should. Well, ordinarily, I wouldn't do such a thing, (I blush now just thinking about it) but I'd had several glasses of wine, and I figured that they have much more experience in such things than I do, so... Yes, I presented my bosom for Todd to sign, and he did so without hesitation. I then asked him if it would be okay if I gave him a little hug. He at first replied, "well, I guess a little hug would be okay, " and then, "no, don't hold back, bring it all on." So, I gave Todd a big, beautiful hug, which he returned, thanked him for the brilliant show, and, after having my picture taken with Todd, left, completely blissed-out. 

My adventure continues at tomorrow's show at House of Blues...

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