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I was very excited sitting with my TR friends at this "dinner theater", accepting drink after drink, yelling out lyrics, inching my way to the stage with a hand made lei, and snapping photos of Todd, Fee and anyone else I’ve known or met over the years. But, I digress. Enough about me… we’re all here for the love of Todd:

    Set List:
    TR Commentary:
  1. Lysistrata
  2. I Don’t Wanna Tie You Down
  3. "Domo Arigato!"
  4. Black & White
  5. "Oooh, there’s honey in my ears…"
  6. Cliché
  7. Fan asked, ‘What’s next?’ "I’ll tell ya what’s next… after I make a fool outta ya!"

  8. Love of the Common Man
  9. "It’s been a long time, in my time frame; this is my PENULTIMATE tour. Forget this intimate crowd… ‘Cuz next time I’ll be with a band! But, for now, you’re MINE! It’s really tricky, your internal chemistry: ‘Is it water? Is it vodka?’ I don’t know; you tell me…"

  10. Beloved Infidel (Awesome & heartfelt)
  11. Lunatic Fringe (Energetic!)
    "As usual, I’d like to dedicate that to our own John Ashcroft"
  12. Song of the Viking
  13. Compassion
  14. Free, Male & 21
  15. "Told you you wouldn’t recognize it. My repertoire is high and wide — and thick! So, feel free to test me on my repertoire…"
  16. It Wouldn’t Have Made Any Difference
  17. Bang the Ukulele all day
  18. "Come on; stop clappin’ like (Todd got lei’d by… who else?) white people! Of course, once a performer has your number, it’s his obligation to milk it, as if he’s found your G-spot. Let the massaging begin..."

  19. Hide Your Love Away
  20. I have you now. See, I’m so confident I can let that last moment go by. See, I can single out and find someone in the audience: Fee Waybill is here! Sing along: ‘Hey!’ "
  21. I’ve Seen a Face/Endless Prairie
    "I’m gonna be a little more challenging; country medley - you can use a Life Line. I toy with you; I wouldn’t throw you a curve ball like Don Turnbull of the Florida Marlins… Oh, I digress! ‘Endless Prairie’ was Lorne Greene’s 2nd biggest hit -- it’s the seminal rap song of all time. The talk is florid, descriptive, hominy, Metamucil."
  22. Born to Synthesize
    "Now’s the time of the evening when I bring out the band. Come away with me now."
  23. I Saw the Light
  24. Influenza
  25. Can We Still Be Friends
  26. I Want You
  27. One World
  28. Encores:

  29. The Wheel
  30. What’s Going On
  31. Hello It’s Me "Konnichiwa, it’s me"
  32. A Dream Goes on Forever

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