The Joint - Hardrock Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas

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Well, it was guys night out and I took some folks that not only are not fans, they don't understand what I see in the guy. I was nervous because the reviews have been less than stellar, sighting rudeness and sloppy playing. With the exception of Cliché, which took forever to get through, Todd put together a tight and entertaining two hour show splitting between guitar and piano. There was also a set of karaoke singing to the bossa nova walkman. Todd thanked the crowd at the Joint for not yelling out stuff, (I think he hates that) and seemed to be in a good mood throughout the performance. I Don't Want to Tie You Down was a complete surprise and I was hooked from that moment on. The quiet irony of Born to Synthesis, played on acoustic guitar did not escape this onionhead either. Although I had read reviews and pretty much knew what to expect, I was stilled surprised by Lunatic Fringe and You've Got to Hide Your Love Away. Here's my best recollection of the night. Todd began with Lysistrata, Cliché, I Don't Want to Tie You Down, Love of the Common Man and Born to Synthesize. A nice version of Black and White led into some Individualist stuff. The piano set included Song of the Viking, Compassion, Wouldn't have Made Any Difference. Back to guitar for Hide Your Love Away and I've just Seen a Face. I Saw the Light, Can We Still Be Friends and I Want You were Bossa Nova-ized which led to One World as the show closer. Todd returned with What's Going On (Marvin Gaye), Hello Its Me, Dream Goes on Forever and left us with a slightly rushed version of The Wheel. Bang on the Ukulele found it way into the set between the guitar and karaoke set. I think that is the only song my friends recognized. I liked this show a lot. Todd played hard, he hit the notes and seemed to enjoy himself. The Joint at the Hardrock is fabulous. Plus, I hit $100 on a Frank Sinatra machine on the way out which more than paid for the evening. 

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11/21/2003 - The Joint - Las Vegas, NV

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