San Francisco show, Novemeber 18

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Todd seemed tired. It was a sold out show, which you'd think would jazz him up. But what could one expect from playing the same old songs he'd played a million times before? And Hello It's Me??? Honest to peanut butter, I like the song as much as the next fan. But my god. Even Todd had mentioned once in an interview that he was tired of playing it. I've seen Todd a good 35-40 times since my first show at the Old Waldorf in 78. A friend I went with to this show has been a Todd fan too a long time, but had never seen him live. She enjoyed the show! But she likes all the old top 40 hits. But us old fans? Look how much material Todd could have pulled from lo these many decades! Yet in the last few years we're getting the same rollover of easy, tired material played--how else would you expect?--tiredly. And the With A Twist numbers...jesus, I just sat leaning on my elbows and waited for them to finish. And Song Of The Viking? Every time he performs??? Why? Imagine what other pieces he could have wowed us with from Something/Anything!

The set list was, of course, similar to those in reviews I read from earlier shows.

I was saddened to read about Todd's backstage behavior from an Arizona show. What the fuck is he doing?

Not sure what the future holds for this Todd fan. Here's hoping it's just a slump...and not the final slide into the ditch.

There goes my inspiration...

For those interested in some new wonderful songwriting, a guy named Stew is currently lodged in my musical heart. Amazing stuff. "Naked Dutch Painter..." is a good place to start.

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