11/15/03 Dream Catcher Review

Review by Wallace Stewart (Switch to

I attended the show with an old high school buddy. We have gone to every possible Todd show since high school. I was not disappointed with his performance but he did manage to irritate me a bit. His voice was in very good shape that evening. My complaint is that when I pay to see anybody perform that is what I expect to get. I went to this show to forget about all the daily distractions that everyone deals with. Instead, Todd felt it was necessary to spout political opinion and anti war rhetoric every chance he got. I don't agree with the war but I suspect it is for very different reasons than Todd's. If Todd had been as concerned with his performance as he was with his politics he might not have lost his place in a couple of songs. I would compare his behavior to a Congressman who, while giving a speech would take a break and perform a crappy song before continuing with the speech.  

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11/15/2003 - DreamCatcher Showroom - Alpine, CA

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