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I had debated for weeks about going to this show and after seeing the set list from Boulder, I decided to pass. As a lifelong Todd fan, having seen him more times than any other artist in my concert-going life, I just couldn't bring myself to go see the same, old tired show. It's a sad and frustrating thing particularly with artists like Johnny Cash stretching and creating some of the best work of his life only months before his death to see Todd just going through the motions. Perhaps Todd should go to a couple of Death Cab for Cutie or Nada Surf shows to light a fire under his cranky ass. I DON'T want to hear "Hide Your Love Away" or any "With a Twist" crap anymore. I'd rather not go at all.

I know inspiration is a strange and fickle animal but frankly, I'm not interested in hearing Todd's opinion about anything in the music biz until he becomes a viable creative voice again...

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