Dreamcatcher Showroom was indeed a Dream

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The casino venue was very modern with a large stage and an excellent sound system. This was not a lounge show. I managed to get front row tickets as an anniversary gift for my husband, whom I believe is one of the biggest Todd fans in the southwest.

There was no opening act and about 9:30 to a full house Todd entered the stage in a great mood dressed in a brown/tan suit, Hawaiian shirt and of course Todd shoes. ( black canvas slip-ons.) The crowd was very happy to see him, thanking him for coming to the San Diego area. At times it was so quiet as he performed you almost forgot you were in a crowd. Beloved Infidel was one such moment, such a beautiful arrangement. I Don't Want To TieYou Down and several others also were close to perfect.

Todd's voice was in great form and guitar playing pure magic. I miss the electric rock and roll but enjoyed the acoustic guitar playing, especially with it synthesized for Black & White and One World. I've always enjoyed Todd playing the piano, although he confesses to hating it, tonight he played without the negative comments. Despite a few mistakes in which Todd just said he forgot his place it was a Dream evening. He even added some humor to the show goofing around on a stool during the mp3 band set he performs.

Todd was awarded a lifetime achievement award from a San Diego radio station. He was smiling as he received the award and gave those with cameras a chance to take some photos. He returned for an encore and then signed fans collectables, shook hands and posed for a couple of photos. My husband was lucky to get a patronet postcard signed and Todd even commented about it being one of the original subscription mailed items.

After the show we hit the slot machines on the casino floor and looked up to see Todd standing by the showroom entrance in a long black coat talking to about six fans. Of course we went and joined in, listening to him talk about his new recording and trying to get a label interested and so on. He was signing a few items and answering questions, being the approachable accommodating person he often is to his fans. I was lucky enough to get another patronet postcard signed, complete with xoxo and my husband got a cd autographed. Todd then said it was time for his dinner and was escorted off by casino staff.

Our Dreamcatcher evening was complete· Thanks Again Todd·.

Upon driving home to Phoenix we talked about the show and we're glad we made the trip. Todd can be like night and day with his performances. We have experienced this before, seeing multiple shows in succession. The Phoenix show was a little raw, Todd confessed to being in a bad mood but did try to get through the show in spite of his mood. The Phoenix crowd had some very rude people in it. I personally felt the venue was lacking, the sound was to loud and distorted, no wonder all the college punk bands play this venue. There are much better venues in the Phoenix area. We did hang around after the show for about an hour only to find he slipped away, but that has also happened at other venues in the past, which only makes the times you can interact with him more special.

Enjoy Todd performing when you can because the hands of time don't stop or slow down.

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