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at first i wasn't sure what to think regarding michael harkins review of the arizona show. and i can only imagine he will receive more than a little grief because of it from the todd faithful. but it was quite obvious that michael is one of the todd faithful and i honestly felt he was trying to - hoping to - make things better by what he wrote.

i don't know if things were as bad as they are made to appear at the arizona show but if they were, i feel bad for everybody involved. i've often thought how i would act or feel if i was ever truly disappointed in a performance or a "put down" by OH ....i don't think it would affect me greatly because i'm not interested in getting to know TR or put him on a pedestal ....i just like his music and what it does for me. but because i care and feel that to some degree i have a vested interest in him, i obviously want him to look good and sound good and always do the best he can ......judas, i'm making it sound like the boy scouts, but i hope you get my point.

anyway, that's about it. sure hope things improve and i'm eagerly awaiting TR's next appearance in the midwest.

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