Boulder Theater, 11/11/03

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Been about three years since I've seen a Todd show. So it was withI drove through mountain snow and made the four hour trip to Boulder from Aspen. (Todd needs to play here.) The show was in a word, fantastic! This was the first show on the tour and Todd's voice was sweet despite the super dry air in Boulder. (Todd said that his lips were chapped by the time he got to baggage claim.) He reached the high notes on "There Goes my Inspiration" and even "Compassion." Favorite tunes included "I don't want to tie you down," "Song of the Viking," "The Wheel," (encore) "Black and White," hell they were all great. Even the midi tunes were fine, freeing Todd up to get very animated and to hear him sing with his own backing vocals. This style of solo show is nothing new. Todd used to do shows in the early 80s where he'd drag around a "cart" machine (looks like an 8-track) with backing music. The Boulder Theatre has great sound and Todd's audience was attentive and respectful. Todd promised to return next year with a band. As almost always happens, I saw Todd on the street and got to say hello a few hours before the show and got to have a brief conversation after the show when the theater cleared out. If you are going to see him on this solo tour you will have a great time. Take it from me, a veteran of several dozen shows dating back to 1977.

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11/11/2003 - Boulder Theater - Boulder, CO

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