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This is my first time writing a review. The show last night was fabulous!!! It was very energetic and the song list could not have been better.

First everyone opened the show (Alan Parsons band was the back up back they were great!!) Then each person came out and sang two of their own songs and a beatles song with the back up band. Then again the whole group played  together. The audience was loving it . The main singer and lead guitar was Todd , he really held the whole show together and kept it entertaining. His voice was great and as much as I liked the solo show ( Town Hall , NY) I really think a band brings out the best in him. Even my husband who was never a Todd fan and listens to his CD's only because he has too came away from the show with a new appreciation for Todds talent. The encore was a medley and if it was up to the audience they could have played all night. 

However, the best part for me was after we checked into the hotel we got in the elevator and a man rushed in before the doors closed. Wasn't really paying much attention and then I looked up and realized yes it was Todd!! My husband looked over to see who I was talking too. Said he realized it was him because of his hair. LOL!! Had a nice chat unfortunally our room was on the 7th floor so it was short but for me oh so sweet!!

Great show two big thumbs up.

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