AWDAR review from 8/9/03

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Today, I was walking around the A.C. Hilton - killing time - when, passing through the lobby, I see Todd! I siezed the opportunity, even though I saw he was busy getting his bags to his room, thanking him for last night's show, and that I'd see him tonight as well. It only took me 28 years to shake his hand! (I'm not one to linger after concerts) Now I'm SUPER-pumped to see tonight's show.

I was SO hoping for Todd to shine after last night's lyric mix-up. However, 1st song in, Day Tripper, and Todd switched the verses! The rest of the show is a near carbon-copy of the prior night's show (Including C. Cross referring to O.H. as Too Odd, and the Lyric mixup on While My Guitar Gently Weeps), but still very enjoyable overall.

Stayed up late as a friend had come down for that show, and who walks into the hotel bar but Christopher Cross with 3 members of Alan Parsons (backup) band (who were EXCELLENT, by the way). SO, I just have to ask him about the obvious acrimony between he and Todd (on his part). He says Todd was "S%!*faced, very unprofessional" - Not overtly apparent to me either night (maybe professional jealousy?). Later, Alan Parsons came in. I know how private a person he is (especially after talking to his band), so I didn't approach him.

It got late, and at about 1:30 or so, as I was being propositioned by a prostitute (After all, this IS Atlantic City), in walks Todd! Twice in one day! I head over there, introduce myself and talk to him for about 1/2 hour - neither of us $%!*faced, by the way. What an approachable, personable, intelligent man. We talked about many topics, from my shirt - to his music - to his son's minor league baseball (Marlins) career ( he was heading to Fla. on Sunday to watch him play). What a weekend!!!!!

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