AWDAR 8/8 review

Review by David Weesner AKA Tapeworm (Switch to

What a great fun night. Joey Molland was a great addition. Denny Laine looked like he was having fun but was obviously having gear trouble, and may have needed a little more rehearsal. His in-the-ear monitors were so useless that he eventually stuck them in his nostrils, to the delight of Joey.  Todd really seems to rise to the occasion when he has a band with him, and he seemed to take the drivers' seat when the whole group was on. Several great solos form OH.

Cross and Parsons were good too. But -- oh geez what if they read this and I insult them -- my taste in music leans more to the other guys. Personally I wish they weren't there, allowing the others to do a couple more songs each. Sorry.

Not nearly as many Beatles songs as the late July show, because there were more stars sharing the time. Overall shorter than the original AWDAR shows were - - the first time I saw them (Wilson/Entwisle version) they did an hour of solo material, took a break, and then did an hour of Beatles. This time it was a little more than 90 mins straight.

Considering how much fun this show was, I'd love to see them again after a few more shows, when the gear and practice settles in. But as it stands now, there's tomorrow's show and that's it. A beautiful diamond in the rough.

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