Sunday at the Canal Club

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I just got back from seeing a flawless performance from OH. His voice was great, there were no broken strings, he didn't screw up "Hello It's Me. " The only technical guffaw was when the guitar went out briefly during "One World."

We didn't get "Cliché" or "Too Far Gone", two of my faves, but that's how it goes.

He really was great. The cool thing for me was actually getting an autograph. A bunch of us were waiting out front for him to come out, then my friend, Todd, who's been a fan as long as I have, said " Well, when I play here, I load in from the back, so let's check that out." Surely enough, we went to the back and came onto the tail end of Todd signing autographs. A van with NJ plates was running with a very bored looking sound guy (he reminded me of the assistant in "An American Movie") behind the wheel. The coolest thing was that a poor street woman with nary a tooth in her mouth asked for an autograph on a napkin and Todd gave it to her, treating her with dignity. He asked her name, and she gave her full name, and he said, in a funny, but not snide way " All I need i your first name, I'm not writing you a check." Then a guy came up with the CD insert of the first Utopia album and 8 actual albums ("Deface The Music" was on top), and Todd said "I can't autograph all of those, I have to get to this restaurant before it closes." He made sure that the Utopia insert was the most important thing to the guy, then he did an elaborate autograph.

I got the last autograph of the night, he asked is your name "Frank", I said no, "Craig" he asked how to spell it and autographed my ticket. I asked about November, and he didn't seem aware that he's going to be at the Birchmere on 11/4. He said that they haven't hit the West Coast yet.

It's such a thrill to finally, after 31 years, actually get to say something to your hero, and have him be gracious (plus get a cool autograph).

He's definitely one of a kind, and deserving of all of our worship.

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8/3/2003 - Canal Club - Richmond, VA

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