Recher Theatre, Towson MD, 8/02/03

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Wow, one of his best solo shows I've seen in the past few years, and I see one or two every year. Voice in good form, spirits were high, sound system was very good, and the crowd was generally "copacetic", at least from where I sat. And virtually no flubs. What more could one ask for?

Though much of the set list was the same, he either added new things (cover of "Lunatic Fringe"), or revised some things, and made the entire set somehow seem "fresh". The setlist may even have been more thematically organized, or just better paced - I dunno, there was something different, I can't explain it.

A surprisingly straight (i.e., respectful) and gratifying rendition of "Hello It's Me" on piano, as if he has finally come to terms with his personal albatross. Three generous encores. The usual sprinkling of TR wit and adlibs throughout. I should have waited after the performance to thank him for a wonderful show. He must know it already.

Gary Jules was pretty enjoyable, as far as folk singers go, as the opening act. One of my friends even expressed regret for not purchasing his CD after the show. He was also helpful during Todd's set and tuned his guitar.

Footnote: Overheard while exiting the club, "Boy there are alot of people here with canes", which I also observed (being one of those disabled hobblers myself). But then again, we ROCK! I'm amused by this - hope Todd is too.

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8/2/2003 - Recher Theater - Towson, MD

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