Somerville, MA 07/31/03

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This is my first time writing a review so I'll keep it short and sweet. As most everyone else has agreed, Gary Jules was excellent. I recommend seeing him or buying one of his cds.

As for Todd... What can I say? His voice was in great form. His guitars however needed help early in the show. I'm talking about the busted strings. Black & White was the song and it busted as he did the "spiders running 'cross the floor" bit.  Song finshed, Todd picks up his other guitar and there is already a string busted on that one as well. He then enlists some audience members to restring both guitars. He later suggested they should get a gift certificate to Arby's or something.  Todd seemed to be having fun and so did the audience. Beloved Infidel was definitely a favorite of the show and for some reason, I couldn't stop laughing during the "I've Just Seen A Face/Prairie Song" bit. 

Finally the screw ups. WHO CARES?! I've enjoyed every Todd show that I've been to. Wouldn't change a thing about the show. Since 1982 I've seen him in a 4 man rock band, an 11 voice orchestra, an 12 person band, a lounge act, a rock trio and finally by himself. I'd just like to say thanks to the man for never staying the same & keeping things interesting over the years.

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