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i drove straight from Cleveland that morning to make it to Todd's show on time; GREAT show, really strong; (i am sure all of u know the set list by now so i won't repeat it) very nice surprise song- " the wheel "

i waited with some others behind the theater to hopefully speak to our hero; met some cool guys and really annoying girls with bad Boston accents and who seemed basically clueless

i got to speak to Todd for a few minutes; he spent a lot of time with all of us signing items and talking with us; he was very patient and gracious;

one thing i do want to say; his engineer who was helping to clean up the stage and later give Todd's a ride to a local restaurant was a real jerk; he was very rude and didn't seem like he could be bothered to be there; i think he should feel lucky he has a job much less a job working with OH;

wanted to make it to the new haven show but wasn't able to; this show was funny as the audience was full of baby boomers who don't seem like they get out much anymore, but a nice crowd nonetheless

thanks todd for another great memory; i love u

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7/31/2003 - Somerville Theatre - Somerville, MA

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