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I have seen Todd many times over the last few years but I was not planning on attending this show as my wife was not interested in going but when I went to the box office and was able to snag a 2nd row seat I was on my way to Westbury.

Gary Jules opend to a thin crowd as many fans were hanging out in the lobby. Too bad for the lobbyists as Gary Jules was very entertaining and quite good. Todd came out and I sort of thought he was overdressed and sure enough he said he did not know he was playing in the tropics- and that it was sort of an ass wipe space to be playing in. The show utilized 1/2 of the theatre and thus the concert was billed as being played in the 1/2 round rather the using the full circle of seats and the rotating stage. I thought it was a pretty good draw for a solo show.

He opened in good vocal form but for some reason stopped in the middle of the 2nd song Cliche. A fan sitting behind me could not believe he stopped but I assured her this happened alot with Todd. After that flub the show went pretty smoothly exept for some guitar issues-he broke a few strings. I would say of 1 to 10 I would give this performane an 8-I thought when he played with Hall and Oated it was a 10. -I liked the song list very much but like many others I think he should eliminate the Kareoke (MP3) portion of the show. I loved the piano stuff and thought his voice was quite soulful this evening. Love of the common man is my favorite song and he has played it every show I have seen in the last 4 years.

For some reason he got into the Iraqi debate and frankly the Dixie chicks have better legs legs then him and even they were booed off the stage. Not Todd though -we fans listened and while many might not aggree with him there was very little negative reaction exept someone did yell "Shutup".

In review I will stand firm on my belief that Todd is better suited to fronting a band as he tends to be more focused with other musicians by his side. Also, I will say that if he is your area you should try to see this show as none of us are getting any younger and you will really enjoy this show.

In closing todd did a few encores to a standing ovation and told us have a safe drive home.

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