July 30th, Westbury. My experience.

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First, I would like to state "I love Todd," just like all of you, or we probably wouldn't be here, right? So, after you read this, promise you won't be on my front porch with burning torches tomorrow night, ok? OK, I know we're supposed to worship "GOD" I mean...Todd, but lately, I'm feeling he isn't loving being where he is. Especially on stage at Westury Music Fair Wednesday night. I was astonished to read good reviews, then I remember they're Todd fans, and they only say good things despite the neg. Ok, I can understand being bummed when you know the guy playing the night after you is Englebert Humperdinck or Peter Lemonjello, (is that even a guy?). Anyway, I love Todd as much as the next guy, but, not to the point where I will kiss his ass just because he shows up! Do I feel belittled, feel offended or insulted that he sings the Jetson's theme song for 10 minutes? Damn right I do! It feels mocking, or maybe I'm just paranoid (extremely possible, I admit), but still Todd, why do you hate us for loving your music? Does anyone else get that feeling? I mean I don't expect him to kiss "our collective ass", just because we buy his CD's, I don't invade this guy's space, I respect him as a person with a life outside of the music, but does he have to act like he wishes we weren't there? God forbid someone requests a song. Some poor guy who still lives in his mother's basement at the age of 45, and still hasn't kissed a girl and all he wanted was to hear his favorite song. You might have made that guy's life. Who knows? You sing about love., But do you feel it? I get disgusted and disappointed with the population at large all the time too. I know how you feel. I guess we get on your nerves for............liking your music? In my opinion you have composed some of the most beautiful pieces of music ever composed, not to mention enlightening on so many levels. I'm sorry, I love you for that, no matter what you do, or how you mock us....me. I'm sorry for being from "Long Island", I'm actually a fairly evolved person, even for someone from, as you so eloquently put it.."Lawngilind" or however you spell that!??! I'm sorry you had to play the "music fair", possibly actually following Peter Lemonjello, if he's an actual performer. But, wherever you are, you are always magical to us, your music that is, and sometimes, just you too. So, I will thank you again, (Stephen Talkhouse IS a hike!) for coming to LI and gracing us with your music and your presence. But I would have preferred hearing more of your precious gems, instead of the Jetson's theme song, and other people's music, (not that there bad songs,) but it's just such a treat to see and hear "you". I feel like I'm in a dysfunctional relationship with someone I don't even know. That's not the vibe I want to walk away from a Todd concert with. But the last 2 times I've seen him, I walked away with a weird vibe. You started out great, the middle was frustrating for me, but you finished up beautifully during your encores. Thank you. Even a little bit of great Todd is better than no Todd.     "Sometimes I don't know what to feel"

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7/30/2003 - Westbury Music Fair - Westbury, NY

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