Review - Westbury, NY 7/30/2003

Review by Dave Kohrumel (Switch to

Aside from a little political posturing, and some technical difficulties, Todd's Westbury show was fantastic. His voice was in fine shape, and his playing (both guitar and piano) were almost perfect.

As usual, Some fans had to shout out requests - I've been seeing his concerts for 25 years - he doesn't do 'em! Get over it!

Todd's interaction with the audience in between songs was genuinely warm , humorous and amicable.

The only downer (and it was a biggie) was some boob who thought everyone behind her had come to see 'her' as she refused to sit in her seat. She then infected her 'friend' to share her inconsiderate nature. It reached the point that it upset my lady more than me (and she is the most gentile soul I have met in my 45 years) , so we had to change our seats.

We are SO looking forward to this weekend in Atlantic City for the Abbey Road shows.

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7/30/2003 - Westbury Music Fair - Westbury, NY

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