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I had not seen Todd in over 10 years mainly due to the lack of publicity about his upcoming shows. But that was before I discovered this website.

Having seen Todd/Utopia in my youth on numerous occasions, I was excited to see him at the small setting of The Ark. And he did not disappoint at all!! Though his voice was a bit raw at the beginning it came on strong as the show went along. I have always enjoyed Todd's gaffes at his performances and he was in great form. From forgetting lyrics and needing to duct tape the mic during Too Far Gone to butchering Hello Mich Its Me it was priceless. I was impressed with his enthusiasm and his humor was top notch as he did The Jetsons theme in Born to Synthesize. It was my wife's first Todd performance and she is still talking about it two days later so he has a new fan! I look forward to him making a fourth appearance in Michigan.

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7/28/2003 - The Ark - Ann Arbor, MI

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