Review 7/28 show The Ark

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Although I enjoy the full band tours like Nearly Human and 2nd Wind it is always great to see Todd anytime. Going on my 50 something show this was by far one of the most intimate settings. After years of standing at shows for hours before he comes on it was relaxing to actually sit for a show and have it start quickly after the opening act. Todd sounded rough on the 1st two songs but warmed up on I Don't Want to Tie You Down. His soulful rendition of I Want You was a highlight. I know some fans don't like the backup music but the Bosa Nova versions fascinate me and it's one of the more enjoyable CD's to listen to. The missed lyrics and stops and starts are all part of a solo Todd show but that's what makes the performances interesting. Too Far Gone and Kindness were nice interjections since this is basically the same set from the Majectic show. Downer was the two broads with a total lack of self awareness about how annoying and inconsiderate they were yapping thru the show. Get a clue.

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7/28/2003 - The Ark - Ann Arbor, MI

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