Todd "rollicking" at the Ark

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"Youve done a fabulous job with the town, al-fresco dining and obscure bookstores..." "You're clapping like republicans. Al Gore claps like a republican." "...that Nazi clapper..." "Yo Mich, it's me!" "I think I've conquered Michigan." Well, yes Todd certainly did conquer the Ark tonight like no other artist I can remember. The 400 fans that sold out this great room should all agree.

I've never seen him perform in a hall that didn't hold at least 1000 and this was an all around fabulous show... and he didn't even break a string! His voice got stronger as the night wore on. He was also very quick witted and interacted totally with the audience between almost every song. Saying he didn't take requests but then on 2 occassions went right into the shouted out request. When the obligatory Free Bird came up it was "be careful what you wish for" I was so impressed with his vocal stamina singing all out for 2 hours. Amazing.

He started with Lysistrata into Love of the common man and a very cool guitar version of I don't want to tie you down. Then with a kick to the floor out came a more distorted, rocking, Black and white that was one of the highlights of the night. Lunatic fringe,refferring to the Bush administration: "...they're all under one umbrella..." and Beloved Infidel. He then went to the grand Piano to much applause and played Would'nt have made any difference, Song of the Viking, both bringing back memories of my high school years when my sister brought home Something/Anything after hearing it at swim practice. Continuing with Too far gone, Compassion and a wonderful piano part for Kindness that he said he hadn't played on this tour. Bang the drum on the oohkalaylee was still fun and in the spirit of the whole show. Back to the one black Takamine guitar he played the whole evening (in bad need of a polishing...he beat on that thing constantly) Hide your love away and it was country time with I've just seen a face and the Prairie song. He noted that The Icon and The Glass guitar were once country tunes. Ha... The jazzy Born to synthesize with one drunken clapper screwing up his beat and later referred to said clapper as "the Nazi clapper" to the roar of the crowd. MP3 time with I saw the light, Influenza, I want you, Can we still be friends.... I forget what went next but One World and Hello it's me with two huge major chords played where they should have been minors and he just stopped and laughed...both times...The wheel and a final Whats goin' on......

Oh, yeah he started the show by encouraging us to give him a standing ovation and of course we did. well as in the final 2 encores. It doesn't get much better than this. He didn't come out and sign like I wish he would have as I had my copy of the Something/ Anything songbook that I've had since 1976. I could've shown him the chords to Hello it's me! After a while, sitting al-fresco, here comes Todd walking up Main street and about 8 of us cheered him on and he said " I'm walking to New York." Ok, Todd but you need to head east to get'll find it. Keep rollicking and thanks for playing the Ark.

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