Review Todd Rundgren/ Los Lobos Cols. Ohio 7/26/03

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Let me start this review by saying I have never heard anything I can recollect by Los Lobos but went into this night with and open mind knowing I would get a thrill outta seeing Todd again at the least. I was fortunate enough to get to meet up with Tianne and her husband before the show, we had a great time, what a nice couple! Todd fans are the greatest!! Todd's set was a little rougher than 3 months ago here in Cols, I blame it on too much travel, too many tour dates and too many irons in the oven! Only a couple of piano flubs and by the 3-4th song his voice was loosening up! Song list was much as the few nights before minus a few songs and with an abbreviated WAT set. The big news here is Todd mentioning on stage that the next time we would see him here he would be playing his new stuff, now that will be great!! Tianne was kind enough to include us in some aftershow passes she had but my expectations of actually getting to meet Todd were low as we had been told he would be outta there quickly after his set, my guess is Los Lobos asked Todd to sit in with them for a song and he stuck around to do just that with a great rendition of "Rain" by the Beatles. Luckily because he did hang around we did get to go back for a quick meet and greet but per my ususal shy behavior when I do get around Todd, short of making a fool of myself I was again very reserved and again blew my chance of telling Todd just how much his music has meant to me over the many, many years I have listened to him. So alas [lol] if only he might read this review he'll know how much he has impacted my life and what a treasure his music is to me!! We did stay to hear a few songs by LL and even tho' their music is "not my thing" thay are a talented bunch. Get out there to see Todd it's always a thrill!!

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