Kalamazoo State Theatre 7/25/03

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It was a great nite & i don't care what the downer crowd says. Gary Jules is an up & coming talent who did very well. Michael Stipe used to have that sort of passion. It was a hoot to see Todd & his entourage waltz into the venue via stage left about 2/3 thru Jule's set. (even with the crap lighting onstage, that skunk stripe hair-doo tends to stick out in the darkness).

Around 9:08, Todd came out with that snappy beige suit &  proceeded to wow the audience. After he got the initial obligatory broken string out of the way on the first song, Lysistrata, the rest was a pure joy. I apologize to Cliff for being one of the populous hootin' assholes down front. When Todd blurps out things mid song like "what do you fear more?, the terrorists or your government?, i kinda get the feelin that Todd wasn't saying that sort of stuff just for pure shock value, just to get kicks out of the audience? (he just might know something) Overall, Todd was in great voice & held up well, with having to endure the heat of the 2 death lights above. A. C. would've been nice, but oh well. The security staff did their best to hold off the throng at the end during "Hello it's Me" (which Todd played very well actually?) but we managed to use trickery & deception at the very end & i'm proud to say that I got to "hi-five" Todd at the end of the show along with some other true believers at the front of the stage. I then went up to the bar, ran into a girl i spilled a table of beers on at the Todd Soaring Eagle Casino show last august,  shrugged & left. Thank you Jesus!, Thank You Todd!  - Todd

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7/25/2003 - Kalamazoo State Theatre - Kalamazoo, MI

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