Kalamazoo, State Theatre, July 25

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Well, we fired up the old van and six of us did the famous roadtrip from michiana - that would be where the michigan and indiana borders meet - to see Todd in kalamazoo. let me do a little bitchin' first. i thought the venue sucked. the joint itself was nice enough but the sound system was crap, the lighting was crap, it would have been nice if they would have turned the air conditioning on and security was ridiculous ( they don't want you standing during the encore......yeah, try to make me sit down!)

now for the good part.....Todd was on: the voice and sense of humor were exceptional .....as everyone in the crowd was hot, OH was slow cooking under even hotter, nastier spotlights but refused to take off the jacket. said something to the effect of ' this is the way i came and this is the way i'm leavin' and never did even during the encore lose the coat - he had to drop a few pounds last night.

highlights of the show for me were: i don't want to tie you down, it wouldn't have made any difference, compassion, black and white, i want you, born to synthesize, a dream goes on forever and a very beautiful, sincere, error free rendition of hello, it's me.

as a total package, i would have to rate this just an average show ....OH was fine, the venue wasn't and i think todd must have felt the same way as there was only one encore ( no wheel, what's goin' on)....i think he too just wanted to get out of there.

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7/25/2003 - Kalamazoo State Theatre - Kalamazoo, MI

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