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I know you are all thinking 'same set list as last winter' but you are WRONG. Todd is in rare form, I think our 'Todd number one' is back. His voice is strong and his playing is upbeat. He has still got 'it'. During the first song, he broke a guitar string "ah f***" Gary Jules not only opens for Todd, he also tunes his guitars! Todd kept joking about the lighting (even mentioned it one or two times to me after the show) how it was baking him, and that the crowd should just eat him. His thighs were the most tender! When I approached the stage to 'lei him' I gasped, the stage was on an angle at the front end, and the light was so bright shining down on Todd I thought he might fall off of the stage, so I begged off. I took a seat in front row off to one side, but my camera was up in my 'real' seat, and security was very tight, no cameras allowed, and with no flash sneek photography, I didn't want the risk, how many more photos of Todd on stage do I need? I did get one photo of him on stage saved the rest for after the show....Video clips turned out well.

Todd asked how many people in the crowd feared terrorists? Then asked how many feared our own government? He joked about how at least the terrorists wouldn't just walk into your home. What's the old saying, I love my country but fear my government? Applies here.

His piano skills were right on! "Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference" was stunning the lady behind me was crying like a baby the tune got her emotional.

Todd joked that his head exploded, and isn't that why you all bought tickets, you know it' gonna happen one of these nights (same schtick as last tour).

I guess he does Free Male and 21 so people can take a bathroom break and not miss anything, every 3rd seat got up and left during this song. All in all, he put on one dynamic show and didn't let the crowd down.

Monday in Ann Arbor is the last leg of the midwest tour and TR heads out east to start the process all over again for a winter tour! Watch for new stuff then! The new CD should be out by September. I ran into Our Hero checking out of the hotel and he was upbeat and chatty. I don't know how he does it, I got home and was exhausted, I can't imagine being on the road all day and then having to get on stage, deal with fans etc. It's a rough road, so folks, Be Nice To Todd.

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