Todd in Kazoo, July 25.

Review by Jeff Martin (Switch to

Been camping on an island for 2 weeks, so my review is late.

I was disappointed in this show, probably because I had such high expectations. The Kalamazoo show coincided with the beginning of our vacation and we were going to be traveling through Michigan anyway—why not take the kids to see Todd (they know all the songs)?

Seemed to me Todd was having a bad day. I was surprised at the anger in his voice when he broke a string about 4 chords in to Lysistrata. "Fucker" he shouted and plowed on. You would think a broken string would be no surprise at this point in the tour. Todd made a snide comment about Jules "not getting enough stage time" when Gary retrieved the guitar and took it backstage to tune it. Sure seemed like Todd was on-edge. Perhaps the solo touring is wearing on him. It has to be a burden to carry the whole show every night.

The last song of the night was "A Dream Goes On Forever." Todd flubbed the piano part at the very end of the song—an unfortunate way to end the show. No second encore. I agree with r3runt: He just wanted to get outta there.

Beloved Infidel was the highlight for me. What did the kids (13 + 17) think? "He’s really funny but he sounds better on CD."

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