Pabst Theatre 7.23.03

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Our night started out at the Stout Brothers Public House (micro-brewery and restaurant). 2 friends who had never seen Todd - (my fandom rubs off!), my sister, another friend who just came for dinner - we all met up with Jeff (Weavil) of course! and his crew of musicians/friends. Jeff presented me with an awesome gift, the tape of the 7.4.01 private show where Jeff got to play with TR. We enjoyed some fan and some guitar tech talk but then......on to the show!

We headed up the block to the Pabst Theatre. This is a beautiful/intimate venue as Lani describes perfectly. I was so thrilled to see that our seats were in the 4th row - dead center! Thanks to Rita - these are the best seats I've ever had for a Todd show. 

Gary Jules was a great opener for TR. I thought his guitar playing was fantastic and he has a great quality in his voice - very easy to listen to. The first 2 songs were newer ones he told us - and seemed to want to get those out and under his belt - then seemed alot more comfortable with the rest of his set. He was at ease with the crowd - especially when he mentioned our own Weavil during his performance. That was GREAT! 

Then......TODD! He kinda sauntered out - smiling - happy - in a good mood! At times the place got so silent - you could here a pin drop! But some light bantering went on with the audience as well....I didn't feel the same "buzz" we had at the Vic in Chicago a few months back - but it was a different atmosphere here. Week night - classy theatre - everyone on their best behavior - it was more "respect" in the air. From where we sat the sound was loud - but we were on top of him (practically). 

He delivered each song with everything he had. His heart and soul filled the classy place - and filled us with the sense that he really wanted to be there. He needed to get this out - express himself. My favorites this night were:

Compassion - man he belted it out
I Don't Want to Tie You Down - it got to me tonight
Hide Your Love Away - (crowd participation -HEY!)
What's Going On? - he sings this with all his soul
A Dream Goes on Forever (my recent life experiences makes it my #1 pick)

Well some of you know that I have never "met" Todd before - never shook his hand-said hello- nothing! Except of course in "chat". And I did not have passes for the meet and greet. (Like who the heck am I? right!) So - Jeff tells me the skinny of where it is - and I gain my strategy. I see them checking for passes - they are nicely telling us to exit - but we're talking - hanging - keeping an eye on the door. (It was in the bar area of the theatre). So we wait till both girls leave - there's the door! So we walk in - act like we belong there and guess what! I got to meet OH! Well I saw where everyone was gathered around him. Waited my turn - OMG I was standing right next to him! Ok the hammer in my heart was pounding - for sure.  I had brought the Chicago Tribune article of Rex when he played last year with the KKC (the article where they interviewed Todd too). So I gave it to him - but he wasn't sure what I was doing -"should I sign it?" - "No-it's for you!" "Cool - I don't have this one!"  Then I laid out some things - "sign whatever you want" - he signed everything! I said I'm pebbles - one of the usual suspects. He kinda looked down at me - (who the heck are you? he's thinking!) I asked when are we going to hear Afterlife. He said the server would be up soon - but what I really meant was when can we hear it LIVE! Maybe one day.....On the picture I took at the Abbey Road show - in Grant Park - he wrote "see you soon" - yes Todd - as long as you keep doing shows - I'll be there.

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