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Todd 'the ever playful otter' swept ashore in the Mississippi River town of Saint Paul, MN for his July 22nd show, the fourth on his recent tour. The venue was the F. Scott Fitzgerald Theater, normally home to Garrison Keillor and the famed Prairie Home Companion show. The singer-songwriter must have felt the in-house political affectations as he commented about how he feared the US government more than the Iraqi military. The intimate crowd, having come for fun and frolic, had all but parked their politics at the front door and paid little heed as they raucously coaxed their ever popular and beloved rock icon onto greater musical heights.

From the first strains of Lysistrada to the encore of Hello It's Me, Todd maintained fine fettle and excellent humor. Even multiple broken guitar strings and a loose microphone inside his piano (which required duct tape from the crew) couldn't dampen the disciplined artists love for his craft.

Ever the jocular showman he brought new life to old classics using sundry musical modes…Bang on the Drum All Day, complete with Todd's hula shaking bottom, was played with a miniature ukulele and told with a fairly hilarious background story of its proper pronunciation (Todd and the Hawaiians will kick your ass from here to Sunday should you mispronounce the name of the official musical instrument of the Hawaiian Islands)…His Bossa Nova style, which has become a bit of a minor trademark, enhanced such old favorites as Influenza, I Saw the Light and Marvin Gaye's I Want You. Gritty covers of the Beatles Norwegian Wood and You've Got to Hide Your Love Away was a unique treat, even if Todd tripped off to the ozone, once forgetting the words and once being carried away by the musical riff as it drifted from the creation beneath his fingers to his ears. A sweet soul cover of Marvin Gaye's What's Goin' On could only be classified as just plain retro-fun.

The solo (except for roadie appearances and some pre-taped background music) show could aptly be defined as a boy having a lot of fun with his guitar and his piano and his audience. Dressed in a copper colored business suit of clothes (that mostly hid a soft and expanding belly) the Runt appeared youthful and otherwise fit, with a full head of multi-colored hair and an endearing grin.

Among the personal notes, he shared that he raised five children, and he was not thinking about having any more. His son, Rex Rundgren is a minor league ballplayer for the Jupiter Hammerheads, Class A Division team of the Florida Marlins. At 6'1" at 170 pounds, he was 2 for 3 in his game the day of the concert. For additional information or to follow Rex's career; check out (note there is no www.) and click on minors and then link to the Jupiter Hammerheads.

My wife, who has been among the faithful dating back to Nazz, was pleased to hear I Don't Want to Tie You Down, for the first time ever, live.

And as Todd warned the crowd early on, the audience would indeed be telling others what they had missed. Rate this show 10 out of 10. Don't miss it!

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