Todd Rundgren @ Fitzgerald Theatre

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Todd put on a Wonderful Performance in St Paul last night. He mixes it up yet again in this years 'Solo' tour, adding more covers & an MP3 set where he sings to the recorded backround of 4 'With a Twist' versions of his songs. Technically, Todd's voice nearly failed him on a few of his older, vocally demanding songs (Don't Want to Tie You Down, Black & White, Compassion) but his voice was as good as ever on more recent songs, and stunningly emotional on songs such as 'What's Going On' and 'Hello it's Me.' Todd was having equipment issues all night, seemingly breaking guitar strings on every song in the first set ("I better be careful when I get to the piano!!") His performance on guitar was very good, missing his usual 'few notes', but was right on on most of the songs, including recieving applause during 'Love of the Common Man's' instrumental part, that seemed to confuse him ("You don't applaud Chords!!") His piano playing was exceptional (except for the few 'Wrong Notes' that he readily admits to, I would much rather see him continue touring than quit just because he misses a note here or there.) "Song of the Viking" and "Hello it's Me" were high points on the piano. Todd's unique sense of humor made the show all the more better, especially during his trials with broken guitar strings, piano microphone problems, monitor problems ("There is a point between what it was and what it should be and that is.... Medium?".) Also his tale of kicking off his tour with too many shows in a row, giving him 'Black Hairy Tongue', which prompted him to play 'Tiny Demons', a song he rarely performs on tour. The MP3 set of the show was the only part I would change, 4 'With a Twist' songs at a Live concert is overdoing it and put a few to sleep. Perhaps do 2 'Twist' songs and mix it up. OVERALL another very good performance by Todd. May he tour another 100 years!!! (and how about a full band tour next year??)

SET LIST ------> Guitar: Lysistrata, I Don't Want to Tie You Down, Love of the Common Man, Black & White, Beloved Infidel, Lunatic Fringe (Red Rider Cover) Piano: Song of the Viking, Compassion, Free Male & 21, It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference Ukelele (or Hukelee as he calls it, don't want to upset the natives): Bang on the Drum Guitar: You've Got to Hide Your Love Away (Beatles), I've Just Seen a Face (Beatles), Born to Synthesize, Tiny Demons MP3 Twist Versions: I Saw the Light, Can We Still Be Friends, Influenza, I Want You Guitar: One World Encore: Piano: Hello it's Me Guitar: The Wheel, What's Going On (Marvin Gaye)

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7/22/2003 - Fitzgerald Theater - St. Paul, MN

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