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I saw Todd in Omaha last night and it was a very enjoyable show. Todd complained early on that his voice was shot, said that the last time his vocal range was so limited he got drunk. Lucky for us, he didn't resort to that remedy tonight.

The Music Box is a very nice place to see a concert. It's gen admission but they have tables on the floor It was so nice seeing Todd and not having to stand up for 3 + hours. We got to the venue a bit late but were lucky to secure a few tables up front. Gary Jules opened and was very good. He reminded me alot of Harry Chapin.

Todd opened with Lysistrata and his voice was quite rough. Second song was Cliche on the Black Takamine He told us not to feel sorry for him He just had an enormous ball of snot that he had to work out, made a joke that someone in the audience might catch it and sell it on e-bay. Third song was Hammer In My Heart. He broke a string and attacked the black takamine ripping another string out. He stopped the song saying that was a neccessary string and switched to the blonde Takamine for the rest of the show.

The next song was I Don't Want To Tie You Down. Then we get a very nice version of Black & White. Todd tells us he has had a Moby Grape song running thru his head all day, Omaha, but he doesn't know the lyrics so he cant do it. Raps about Marlon Perkins and Mutual Of Omaha and the Omaha Zoo and then plays Beloved Infidel. I like the setup better than earlier war protest rap. Next song is the Red Rider song. This is my 3rd show on this tour and first time hearing this. I like it.

Todd moves to the Piano and describes his piano playing style as rollicking. Some people call it sloppy but we get a great Viking Song. He has a swivel bar stool instead of a piano bench and does a cool 360 spin towards the end of the song. Compassion is next and it sounds great with his strained vocal cords. You can feel the pain. Ohh Ohhh Ohhhyeah Compassion. Next we get Free Male and 21 and I had to take my obligatary restroom break. I really hate this song. I was running short on battery time on my camcorder so I turned off this and the next song, Bang On The Drum.

Then we get a great Country & Western version of I've Just Seen A Face. How many of you have ever heard Todd scream YEEEHAW!!! I'm talking Raw Hide. Out on the Prarie. Cowboys on Windowpane. I guess you had to be there. Next up is Born To Synthesize, and it's great. My first time seeing Todd do it solo since 1974 and much better than the with a twist band version. Jetsons interlude and falling asleep done very well. Next up was the Karokee set and what can I say about it that hasn't been said before...We have all seen it and it's getting tired for me. Encore was a great version of The Wheel and Whats Going On. I wish I could go to Minnesota tuesday. I hope someone will take the time to post a review from Minesotta.

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7/19/2003 - The Music Box - Omaha, NE

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