Is The First Time The Best?

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I did my first Todd solo show ..finally! It was an incredible show.. an enlightening experience. I loved every minute of it! The Rosebud in Pittsburgh was a great place... loved the atmosphere, the crowd, although the stage could have been larger... large enough to allow Todd to dance and run around! The bartenders were the best I've ever seen... and you know how important that is! Anyways... totally enjoyed hearing the songs I knew and even more, the songs that I did not. I'm still a newbie in this whole Todd discovery thing.... glad I got quite an education last Sunday night. I'm more hooked!

Here's the setlist.... it's not quite exact. Seems we ran out of paper so the scribbles in the margin got a bit confusing. You know it's a good show when there's so many songs that you run out of room to write them all down! Apologies for botching some titles.

Lysistrata (once again, broken string right off the bat) 
Black or White
Don't Want To Tie You Down
Love of The Common Man
Beloved Infidel  ( omg.... incredible)
Lunatic Fringe

To the Piano: It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference ( my favorite of the night.... had to make myself breath) Viking Song Compassion Free Male & 21 Hello It's Me

Bang A Drum

MP3 segment: I Saw The Light Influenza Can We Still Be Friends I Want You To Want Me (Marvin would have been proud)

Hide Your Love Away ..... not sure of next one.... Falling??  Born To Synthesize Hands of Time (again, not sure of title) What's Goin' On ( Excellent) One World Dream Goes On Forever

I've read all the reviews on here for over a year. And so was expecting some screwed up performance, but, that didn't happen at all. I am a live music junkie, so perhaps I'm more tolerant of the live experience? That's the beauty of a live performance, seeing the artist at work. I thought Todd's performance was practically flawless. Todd at the piano.. what a new treat for me. But did miss him on electric. His voice was strong and true. He is so talented and such a performer... it all works for him. And.. happy to say it worked for me too!  

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