Todd at Rosebud

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So, we were just standing there thinking and not thinking, dreaming, being alive in the hot rays of the Spring sun on the club ramp in Pittsburgh outside the doors of Rosebud. Then, out of the blue, Todd walks up and smiles…speaks a recognition to the women in front, I waved like an alien stupefied by the calmness of being on the same concrete landing… with this man… as he cast as friendly a smile as one would ever want… An appreciative consideration graced his presence. As unpretentious as concrete.

Seeming, hours later, we entered the club and found our seats. Very close to him. More than an arm’s length and a lot of personal discipline away.

His hands are very large and demanding of attention. As masculine, beautiful, and strong as such an artist would have.

I remember looking up into his face as he let us see him. A natural voyeur… I appreciated the way the lights glanced from his glasses and how… in stolen moments…one could see into his eyes… just a little.

As I watched him perform in a fantasy come true venue for me… I realized that my partner of twenty years, my children my grandchildren and so many countless others have all been drawn to the music and poetry of this most artistic man.

Watching Todd give himself to his audience in his songs was quite astounding.

At the end… he shook my hand. Without adequate words, I am forever grateful to have been part of this truly incredible moment … shared.

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4/27/2003 - Rosebud - Pittsburgh, PA

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