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It almost didn't happen. I almost didn't get to see Todd this tour but the "Forces That Be" took over and with the help of our beloved lou, I got to go to the Pittsburg show! I was in the Cleveland, Ohio area moving my horse there from WI in preparation for my move to Canada and hung with lou the Wednesday night before the show. I wasn't planning on staying through the weekend but crap happened, I stayed and lou said, "let's go!" So we did. The Rosebud was a nice venue with general admission and an upper level with tables. The lower level had tables too and folding chairs in front of the stage which we were lucky enough to get two of 2nd row due to lou's many connections with fellow TR fans! Lou's da MAN!! Anyhow, I didn't exactly get to write down all the tunes he did, but I am sure others have documented the tunes from this tour. That was mostly due to the fact that lou kept me with a constant drink in my hand for the hour and 1/2 we had to wait for the show to begin. He also brought me a sucker from the men's room, they had little treats like that in both restrooms in addition to various primping acoutrements. They had "attendants" in both the men's and women's rooms... "there's an attendant in the ladies room..." ~ TR "Espresso" I was kinda squeemish but as the buzz set in was happy the attendant was there to direct me to the next open stall! ; ) TR comes out on stage and the first thing he says is something like.."Are all of you well lit? Cuz I AM!" He was a little lit and actually it added to the show, I must say. The frontal lobe disinhibition caused by the alcohol intoxication seemed to give him just the right amount of neurologic "release" to let his frontal regions amp and hemispheres freely and actively cross talk so as to provide us all with a stellar performance!! He was funny, theatrical (in a non-gay sort of way...), and spot-on in his performances on the piano, guitar (minus the two string breakages which were really no problem and more than likely an indication of his overly rigorous technical attack of the instrument, again, perhaps facilitated by his apparent disinhibition), uke, and of course his vocal cords, articulatory apparatus and breath control, the combination of which resulted in a most rousing vocal performance all the way around! I was totally impressed at his musicianship and professionalism in the face of his obviously worn black deck shoes, machine washed and slightly shrunken rumpled suit, and the silky but fly-away consistency of his hair which he openly attributed to his regrettable use of the "hotel cream rinse!" I freakin' love this guy!! TODD IS GODD!!!!!

PS lou actually drove us the whole way there and back AND went to work the next day! Like I said, lou's da MAN!

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