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I Just wanted to say it was great to see Todd again. I've been reading these reviews and you guys keep saying things like Todd is so talented but underated. I couldn't agree more and as much as I loved seeing Todd on Sunday I have to say, I have also come to love seeing all you guys, (whoever you are) the fans who always come to the show. Older fans, younger fans, the weirdos-who remind me of myself wether I really want to admit it or not. We show up and Todd keeps coming back. I never talk to you guys but somtimes I see you after the show shopping at the market or doing your banking or whatever- and I give you a silent nod and think Todd Rundgren is not underated he is not forgotten. He is in-fact our favorite artist, he continues to evolve and produce great work and we all totally dig it (whoever we are). So thanks everybody for making these shows possible--even if sometimes you do talk through the whole stinking show. Hey, at least you showed up and so did TR...Can't wait to see all of you again. CS

PS.Wasn't this a great show...flubs and all?

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