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hey all todd fans! What a night it was to see OH in the berg as todd called it was wonderful. I think it was a magical and Hilariouse layed back night. Sometimes alittle too layed back and Todd becomes Immobile, but we've come to expect a flub or two. Still, what a performance and made my eyes misty. I was the youngest fan in the crowd that night. I being 16, the only 16 year old fan that I know of got some " who do you think you are son?" looks by people that I sat with in the balcony. Later on, they realized by my singing some of the everpopular songs of todd and Rariety's that they didn't even know, showed them that I could back up my reasoning of being there in the burg to see OH. I thought that after the guy at the soundboard turned up the power on todd's mike the performance shuttled off to be a wonderful night. Todd was funny and Kind to the audience. My first time seeing todd was a Hershey with Hall and Oates, and it really wasn't as personal and kindof controlled alittle too much (don't get me wrong it was wonderful anyway.) Todd was at ease and kindof got a connection with the audience this time, it was nice. I truly enjoyed myself. Lets put it this way, I agree some of the songs needed a band and some backup singers to give todd some breathing room, but for a solo performance, todd was Spectacular if I do say so myself. Sure there was some flubs and even a cut of one of the songs in halph. I just think that sometimes the main problem is, that todd goes OOPS alittle too much, I mean maybe if he played it off, we wouldnt know that he flubbed. maybe it's just me. but putting all of that aside, the night was truly magical and I plan to see the man whenever he comes around again.

by the way here's the complete song list or at least what I analyzed:

I don't want to tie you down
beloved infidel
Black and white
Lunatic Fringe
Wouldn't have made any difference
viking song
Free male & 21 ( dedicated to Royston Langdon)
Hello it's me
I saw the light
Tiny Demons
Born to synthesize
can we still be friends
I want you ( Excelent, sounded just like my other Idle marvin Gaye)
One World
a dream goes on forever
( fill in the gap)I can't remeber what was the song here....I appologize
Whats going on ( Also wonderful and very stylish with the guitar, surprising)
thats about the Chronological order, I appologize if I missed anything. Love is the answer my Friends!

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