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This makes the 4th Todd show I've seen at the Keswick Theater (WAT, Power Trio, Solo and now another solo). What a great venue. Went by myself and snagged an eleventh row dead center seat on the day of the show.

Plenty of bottled water on stage - as opposed to the whiskey that was there last time. Gus alrady wrote a good review, so I'll keep mine brief.

Yes, Todd's voice was strained when he went for the high notes. The guy's not 25 anymore. At least he goes for it and hits the notes often. Elton John hasn't even tried to hit a high note in 10 years. Is that what we want? I think not. Go, Todd, scream!

Overall, a good show. For all those out there counting instrumental flubs, I heard one during Hello It's Me, and I bet most didn't even notice it. A broken string doesn't count in my book. He threw in a nice guitar lead during Black and White that was really cool. Trading licks with Jesse during Born to Synthesize was also very tasty.

And a special note to the lady behind me: STOP TALKING THROUGH THE WHOLE DAMN SHOW! Good thing I have directional mikes, and they didn't pick up your yapping all night. Jesse was wearing a damn nice silk suit, not pajamas, like you REPEATEDLY said. You wanted your friend to remind you to tell your great jokes later. You had to get a cigarette. Your friend claims to have every ailment known to man, and it drives you crazy. You said you wish you had a tape of the show. WHY? If you had listened to it the first time...Geez, you yammered all through A Dream Goes on Forever. Your voice was rattling around in my head all friggin' night. You know who you are, Ms. 12th row center. You are annoying other people around you.

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