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Todd really seems to enjoy playing this venue, and why shouldn't he? He grew up only about ten miles down the road. The venue is a renovated vaudeville theatre (listed on the historical buildings registry) noted for having among the best acoustics in the Philly area and even the Keswick crowd, for the most part, tends to be respectful of Todd as it welcomes one of its own back.

The set list closely followed those of other shows on this swing (one notable exception: no "Hawking"). Since Jesse Gress also lives just up the highway, we here in the Philly area are a little spoiled since we can usually expect a "surprise" appearance from OH's "partner in crime." True to form, Jesse accompanied Our Hero through the "With a Twist" portion of the show. Having Jesse on board really spices up the MP3 stuff. "Born to Synthesize" was stretched out for about twelve minutes and was simply amazing.

Todd's playing, but for a broken string on Lysistrata, was about as good as i've seen it (he even pressed on through one minor flub in "Hello It's Me," instead of stopping and starting again which he is often want to do and which can get a little tedious). I do agree, however, that by this portion of the tour, Todd's voice is pretty worn.

We've all now seen the solo act for 2+ tours now and I think we're ready to get back to what attracted many of us "old timers" to Todd's music in the first place, that being the "fuller" sound that only an accompanying band can provide. Todd, we're ready if you are.

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