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It is always great to see Todd in his hometown and the Keswick is a great theater to see a show. The crowd was very well behaved - almost too mellow for this tour. You could hear a pin drop during most of the songs and the few requests during the show were light-hearted and fun. Todd seemed slightly road worn and his voice was raspy and strained tonight. I saw him in Indianapolis earlier this tour and his vocal cords are showing signs of strain. It's been a cold spring in the east and that can't help either.

I sat in the 15th row dead center and was surprised to see Todd's mom, Ruth right in front of me. I was lucky enough to chat with her during intermission - a real treat.

Jesse was here for this show and that gives Todd a break on guitar. I had enjoyed this show when Todd played all the guitar parts but Jesse is an extremely talented player. I missed Hawking and Kindness (which was written for TR's Dad's Mom according to Ruth)

Here's the list:

Lysistrata - Broken string right off the bat. Puts down the "Black Tak" and picks up the "Blond Tak" and picks up where he left off  - awesome start. 
I Don't Want To Tie You Down
Love of the Common Man
Black & White
Beloved Infidel
Lunatic Fringe

Off to the piano for: It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference Viking Song Compassion - Best song of the night! Free, Male and 21 Hey Philly - It's me

Back on the "UKE" and Black Tak: Bang the Uke You've Got to Hide Your Love Away I've Just Seen a Face

Time for Jesse: Never Never Land and Pixie Dust reference Lucky Guy Born to Synthesize I Saw the Light Influenza Can We Still Be Friends I Want You One World Encore 1: Solo: The WheelWhat's Going On Encore 2 With Jesse:A Dream Goes On Forever (This was good but it was better in Indianapolis on Piano)

A full 2 hour show. Todd seemed in good spirits and joked around most of the night - especially with his vocal difficulties. Good to see some old TR friends - Evan and Don and the guys who do the human wave - and meet some new ones like Tapeworm. See you next time around.

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