keswick theatre-april 24, 2003

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well, i made it to another great Todd experience! but just barely. i went with a friend of mine who is a somewhat new driver, and we got into an accident on the way there! of course!!! so we could barely drive the car home, she was pretty upset, and i'm feeling guilty because all i really want to do is find a way to get there!! she has an unbelievable husband who called a taxi that came quickly and even though i'm sad, we only missed the first guitar section. (6 songs) i have been going to every concert for about 20 years so it is a very emotional experience for me. this is my first time to read all these reviews prior to the show, and i don't know if that is a pro or a con. i'm totally with dave-tapeworm, he couldn't have said it better about the flubs. before i read all this critical crap i never thought about it, i was just loving it!! and i thought the piano was wonderful on "hello, it's me". i do have to admit that i'm starting to wish he never made that "with a twist" album though, because those mp3's are really tired, (i was wondering what my friend was thinking, it was her first time) that's my first complaint ever, my Mom will be shocked!!

anyway, i was very happy to be there. and i'm grateful that todd still performs. for whatever reasons, as so many people have already said, we know that we will be there next time, so why not just totally enjoy it!! my goodness, some of these old farts make me feel really old just sitting with them, so who are they to criticize?

after the concert, we went into the lobby and asked this very nice man who worked there where we could get the bus outside (his name is Howard) and he drove me and my friend straight to our doors!! so, it was another night in Utopia!! (sorta !!) thanks so much Howard!! and thank you for every thing Todd. please don't stop.

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