Town Hall-NYC

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WOW, what a difference a venue makes.Todd really seemed to enjoy the excellent acoustics of Town Hall, I think he was enjoying listening to himself.  I had the pleasure of seeing Todd at Stephen Talkhouse on Monday night( review already written.) and he did not seem to be as relaxed tonight. Maybe because family was in town who knows?? BUT OH has everyone fooled flubs what flubs do you think a talent like Todd, songs he has played for years would screw up?? It's quite funny as he made the same FLUBS on Monday as well as through out the tour!! I think he does it on purpose to entertain himself, as he does despise doing those POP tunes. But being God Todd he can pretty well do as he wants and the fans still love him. It was all pretty rehearsed the water bottles, the cramp in the hand, the war, John Ashcroft. I did expect a little more from Todd, less rehearsed more spontaneity. Royston was cool a little "TODD" in the making. All in all it was a great show even though I was kindly refused an autograph at the private aftershow party. Sometimes a star must be a star.

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4/23/2003 - Town Hall - New York, NY

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