Town Hall

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Am I the only fan who was disappointed last night??? I thought OH was in a bad mood. I have heard him be funny many times over the 30 years I've been attending his concerts and last night I felt he was distracted at best. I don't know what was up with the Beatles/Marvin Gaye thing but if it is that he's tired of his own stuff or just wants to pay tribute, then how about a funny witty explanation? And I'm sorry...I don't mind the mp3 thing THAT much, but I find that "with a twist" thing really annoying. Those ballads were the soundtrack of my childhood and he seems to be mocking them.

I thought his voice was in prettygood shape and I loved There Goes My Inspiration, It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference, I Don't Want to Tie you Down and A Dream Goes on Forever but One World without a band is a little thin.

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4/23/2003 - Town Hall - New York, NY

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