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a pitcher of Tini's and some fine Elvis, off to see Todd again for the 112 time....

Ok, I finally get it.......will be revealed later......

I have been privileged to see Todd & Utopia, Todd solo acoustic, Todd with the band, the 1 man rave, the Philly Soulman; the Balladeer; the Prog Rocker: the Fusionist and former 70's Utopian, or the 80's Prog Rock Utopia; The Swing tour, Oblivion, Adventures, Deface, the Mighty I tour, Ringo, or the 1/2 Twisted Seattle Grundge Tour with a first set that left your ears bleeding and a second set which set Todd's voice afloat on the River of Dreams... the AWDAR road guitar slinger PT I & II . With Todd you never know what you're going to get.

the aggravation, fear, annoyance, rhythmic cadence, tripping journey, paint peeling shredding fury, out of body experience and utter joy of being part of this Wizard's cult is that there are so many facets to the fan base and different musical directions that at the same time that someone is screaming WHEEL, someone else is screaming 7 Rays, Singring, Love is the Answer, Monument (OK, not enough people scream that) Buffalo Grass, Don't You Ever Learn, Last Ride, Caravan, Hawking or LOWEST NUMBER 1 Common Denominator.....

Ok, for the solo acoustic shows, some of that screaming gets annoying, and rightly, some people scream (at the others who are screaming) "SHUT THE FUCK UP".....

i have been attending TODD shows for the last 23 years, his piano playing last night was stellar and his acoustic playing was somewhat inspiring. although i wish he would and could stretch & unfold his jams more, be he was in the zone last night and really hot.

Todd played acoustic like he remembered how, and seemed to enjoy it. the version of beloved infidel was nothing short of show stopping! Hide your love away, i don't want to tie you down, love of the common man (which i have heard 30000000 times) sounded incredible. very cool acoustic version of born to synthesis.

Todd's acoustic playing was really very nice - not incredible, BUT REALLY NICE. with practice and some work he could be incredible. although coming from the electric school of thought, electric lead has always been when Todd leaves the stratosphere next tour with the band 5 piece band, hopefully we will get that. maybe even a 6 piece with both trey and prairie on drums. can hope and dream. don't let them take that away from you....

Todd later sat behind the piano and actually embraced his instrument, rather than running from it. his piano playing, on compassion, kindness, it wouldn't have made any difference, were moving and brilliant that is the best piano playing i have seen him perform in 20 years.....

NOW I GET IT.... EVEN THOUGH I HAVE SEEN THIS SHOW (WITH SUBTLE CHANGES) OVER THE LAST 23 YEARS, THIS WAS INDEED SPECIAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

his playing was flawless...... really fun and incredible to be a part of....................

the bosa nova set was perfect, although again - should be done with the band, we hope that will happen again. the bosa nova style tunes are fabulous and when you closed your eyes, the band was there and his voice, oh his voice really was sweet.

remember, a solo todd show is .... todd singing and taking you on a journey with his voice; what an incredible journey it was indeed. a little short, but he swept you to another place, and after all, isn't that what we all wanted, to float away on the sounds of the music.......

todd was great, for those of you who have seen this tour, you know. for those of you unsure, go!

on this tour, todd's voice is the lead guitar and everything else is a back up instrument. TODD seems to be enjoying playing in this setting and playing quite well..... rock on todd.....

this is my version of what was played, out of order, in between conscious thoughts and floating away.....

There Goes my inspiration
I Don't want to Tie you Down
Hammer in my Heart   
Love of the Common Man 
Lunatic Fringe (dedicated to US Attorney General John - I'm Psycho Aschroft)
on piano:
It Wouldn't have Made any Difference
Free, Male and 21
Hello it's Me
Bang the Uke
on guitar:
Hide your Love Away
Falling - I've seen a Face 
Beloved Infidel
Born to Synthesize into the Jetson's theme, then snoring...totally hilarious, 
really fucking funny, everyone laughing !!
on MP3:
I saw the Light
Can We Still Be Friends
I want You
One World
lst encore:
Hello It's Me
A Dream Goes on Forever

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