Stephen Talkhouse April 21, 2003

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Very cozy, almost too. Arrived at 8:00, took our seats front and dead center. They squeezed us in between other VIP's who paid a wopping $85 to hear the guy next to you breathing. So close to Todd, again, almost too close. I've never seen him so close up! Sometimes I would look away and read a sign on the wall behind him, just to not stare at him dead-on the whole time. You know, because he was so close. The sound wasn't great, just because the way the room is set up. But Todd was great!  He joked a lot about the size of the room, and being way out in hick country, even though there are far more hamptonites (for those of you not familiar with Long Island's east end, it's where the very pretty, very rich people live.) than hicks where we were. But fortunately Monday night there were just a lot of cool people with very good taste in music in amagansett. And I want to apologize to anyone sitting near me, I had this uncontrollable urge to comment back to Todd about pretty much everything he said. This is normally not my way, but again, the being so close thing, it almost seemed rude not to respond. So if I was annoying I'm sorry. Influenza for me was a rare treat, though I'm still waiting to here Healing part 2, maybe I should just be content to listen to that one in my house with a few candles. Anyway, it was great to kind of get caught up in his vibe, which I think just the proximity of him created. He is a magical person, and I felt some of the magic rub off on me (Todd being so close and all). So thanks Todd, for coming waaaaaaaaay out East to sing for us, it was worth it for us anyway.

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4/21/2003 - Stephen Talkhouse - Amagansett, NY

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