Stephen's Talk House

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If there were ever a venue to see this "re-done", "been there done that", "not the with a twist versions again" tour , it was the Stephen's Talk House. Those of us in the New York area have literally been seeing a version of this show since the Long Island Brewery (over 3 years ago, IMAC in Huntington (2 years ago) and B.B. King's (last year), and i'm happy to say that I drove the hour and forty five minutes from western suffolk to see the show, 'cause any Todd is better than no Todd at all!

But let's be honest now, and if by some miracle the big kahuna himself reads this and comes back to the mainland again soon, he'll remember to leave the ukelele and the "With a Twist" MP3 on the island (Maui, not Long) and he'll bless us with a show worth seeing again, the "Power Trio" tour that blessed Westbury Music Fair.

Oh, and as great as "Up Against It Was" (saw it twice at the Public Theater) if we're going to show our greatness from the musical, let's try 'The Smell of Money" or "Parallel Lines". Lastly, if i'm paying $85. (that's not a typo for those of you in Ohio) how about what made Todd God for all these years, something different and original, a different tour!

p.s. see you at The Town Hall in NYC, I can't help myself!

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