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I've seen Todd in many venues but the State theatre was the best solo performance yet, it was full. He really enjoyed playing where every note was being heard. Jesse joined him for some bossa nova but it was Todd's night. I was on the side of the stage at the Crocodile Rock when Todd got so p.ssed off at the crowd he left, he made a lot of references to this tonight and was aghast at the difference and attention of the audience. To give you an idea as to how well he played he didn't miss a note in the "Viking Song" and broke no guitar strings...To finish off a great night I'm getting on the elevator in my hotel after the show and who emerges alone??? You guessed it .. Todd. Congratulated him on show as he left for the next one.

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4/17/2003 - State Theatre (Easton) - Easton, PA

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