Homage To Crocodile Rock

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Todd Rundgren in Easton, PA, April 17, 2003

It is recommended that you either play or download a copy of freak parade before and while reading this review. Cause it’s really gonna help you on this one…

About a few months ago, I decided I could take advantage of the low air fares and fly from Victoria, BC – think west coast Canada, think Vancouver – to Ottawa in ON (red eye – all night). There I could pick up my car (the moose mobil), take it in for repairs, drive to near Toronto (6 hours), pick up my friend, and drive to Easton, PA (I guessed 9 hours) and see Todd. Then I could drive back to my friends, drive back to my friends, see some other folks, and drive to my cottage (6 hours) and work on my second book, and look at 270 acres that are for sale.

Before we get to Todd, I need to quickly tell you a couple of road stories that were funny. Now, as for the first one, please do not repeat and or blame me. Lately when I fly, infrequently, I take a small naglene, leak proof camping type container, with cointreau (booze). If they stop me at security, they often will say it can’t go on, so I am forced to drink it all. This time I got it on. After awhile, I asked for a glass of ice water, hold the water. The steward brought it and said that if I was using it for booze, to drink it right away. So I did. Then I got a piece of cake out that my spouse had packed, and ordered a drink from the other the stewardess. I told her it was my birthday. Soon after the original steward came by to wish me a happy birthday. I felt justified as it was my unbirthday at least.

My friend and I (it really was his birthday), arrive at the U.S. border. The alert had been lowered the day before and it showed on the guards. We were squeaky clean but I didn’t feel like a delay. I figured “we are going to Easton, PA to see a rock and roll legend” might lead to such a delay. So I said we are “going to see a pianist by the name of Mr. Todd.” He asked how much the tickets were and if we were related, and off we were to Easton.

We check in at the Easton Best Western. The clerk says that Todd has already checked in. As we head for the elevator, I realize that Todd is just leaving the lobby. I make a be line for my car. As I get there he is driving out of the parking lot. I call out ‘Todd’, he keeps driving just before I attempt to lay in front of the car. He is gone. Close encounters of the Todd kind.

My friend and I head for the only bar in town that looks like it might attract other Todd heads. Sure enough we began to hear the legend of the Crocodile Rock. Seems that some years before, Todd had played a bar called the Crocodile Rock, somewhere in the Easton area. Word has it that there was a lack of Todd heads and general appreciation of music. Word has it that Todd went in the back alley and had a hissy fit using garbage cans. Forever more to be referred to as ‘the incident at crocodile rock’.

The concert was packed, the concert was packed, the concert was fantastic, we love you Todd. A large man in front of me kept yelling out ‘play freak parade’ until he was ejected. Hence the background music. Todd did thank the audience for being way better than the Crocodile Rock. And my thanks goes to the woman in front of me who thought I was Todd’s brother – I introduced myself as slob rundgren, his lesser known brother…

We went back to the bar as the rumor was that Todd might show. He didn’t and we went back to the best western and I had a dream that went on forever. In the dream, I got to apologize to Todd for the apparent attempt to throw myself in front of his car.

I drove my friend home via the Finger Lakes. I saw a wonderful friend. I drove to the cottage. I’m here, the lake is frozen still, I have no water, the phone is out, and the hydro was out – I’m warm – and the 270 acres that I wanted to buy as a wild life sanctuary and writer’s retreat sold last week as a trailer park…

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