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Man, watching Todd do 'Hello it's me' w/ back up singers, horns, the works and his voice as good as it was thirthy years ago, sent shivers down my spine. Like a blast from the past as I was watching, it took me straight away, back to 1974 when I was living in Tampa all alone in my crampie one room apartment. I remembered turning out the lights, firing up that good ole red-bud and flipping on my 19" black and white TV when to my surprise, there was Todd Rundgren hosting 'Midnight special'... he was singing..."Hello it's me',' music provided by his (then)16 track recorder. 'Where is that band, I don't see no band! It's just me, me and my 16 track recorder for your listening pleasure'... spoke our hero! (Anybody else out there remember where you were that night!)

Thanks Todd for doing this song... and your arrangement w/ Paul Shaffer just couldn't be topped!

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